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If you want to save on the cost of your divorce, talk to your spouse to see if you can agree to limit the action to DIVORCE ONLY.* Even if you can't agree to limit the action to divorce only, talking to your spouse to see if you can agree to resolve the issues between you or resolve them by mediation or negotiation, instead of going to court on a contested basis. It's cheaper to pay for negotiation and preparation of a property settlement agreement and an uncontested divorce, even if property, custody, support and other issues are involved, than it is to litigate a contested divorce without an agreement.

*This procedure may not be in your best interests. It is not in the best interest of everyone to do this. You may forfeit substantial rights in using this procedure. You should consult an attorney about your situation so that you understand the ramifications and consequences before you decide to use this procecure.

If your spouse will cooperate by signing divorce papers and there are no disputes and no other issues other than the divorce itself, you will save on your divorce. You will also be able to get the divorce quickly.

We offer fast, easy, uncontested, no fault Virginia divorce to qualified clients with three options including one that generates a divorce in 2 weeks or less. Click page for Divorce in 2 weeks or less for more information.

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