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At PLG we like to see

all of our clients as winners, however, case outcomes depend on a number of factors including the facts. the evidence, the quality of the witnesses and the applicable law.  Please note that we cannot guarantee the outcome in your case. We do promise to do our best for you and to serve you with honesty and integrity.

Here are a few of our favorite "winners:"

JH came to PLG when he was served with a Juvenile Court summons for support by his estranged wife. During the interview, JH told Atty. Perry that his wife had left him over a year prior. Atty Perry suggested to JH that he allow her to file for divorce and put the matter of spousal support in issue in the divorce. Upon securing the agreement of JH, Atty. Perry filed for divorce and determination of spousal support and set the matter for hearing by the court. Meanwhile, JH was successful in getting the Juvenile Court to dismiss the spousal support petition, based on information and documents provided by Atty. Perry. JH's wife responded to the divorce asking for spousal support and property division. Atty. Perry working with JH was able to pull together his case, doing months of work over the course of a few weeks. When the case came for hearing, JH was required to pay support for one year and he retained the former marital residence. JH was very happy with the outcome. 85-2011p

 DW came to PLG after the DCSE initiated contempt proceedings for non payment of child support. Atty. Perry was able to negotiate a settlement of the matter, keeping DW out of jail, and fixing payments at a level which DW was comfortable with. Atty. Perry was also able to get the judge to reduce the amount of the support due to excessive charges by the agency and to lay the groundwork for DW to eventually get his operator's license restored. DW's license was suspended for several years due to non payment of child support. Essentially, Atty Perry was able to achieve all that DW wanted. 89-2012p

CR first came to PLG for resolution of custody, child and spousal support. Through zealous representation, issuance of appropriate subpoenas and investigation of the case, Atty Perry was able to negotiate a settlement the day of trial which netted CR shared custody with substantial visitation with his son, including almost every weekend. Later, Atty Perry represented him in the divorce and was able to negotiate the property and debts in a manner satsifactory to CR, despite the numerous changes of counsel and strategy by the opposing side. Six months after the divorce was entered, CR returned to Atty Perry when his wife filed to reduce his time with his son and to increase child support due to a change in her employment. Atty Perry was able to obtain the dismissal of all petitions. The opposing side changed counsel once again and tried to re-litigate the issues which had been resolved in favor of CR; Atty. Perry again secured the dismissal of all matters, a ruling in favor of CR. 3410-p-2012

WCR came to PLG when his ex-wife filed a motion seeking to substantially reduce his visitation with their child and to review child support. Atty. Perry had the case continued and had a guardian ad litem appointed for the minor child. She  interviewed pertinent witnesses and put together a sound defense. Through aggressive cross-examination of witnesses together with sound legal arguments, all counts were DISMISSED based upon the  legal principles presented without having to put on any testimony.  2011p

LW came to PLG seeking a divorce from her husband and her fair share of marital assets. Her husband was a real stinker; he failed to answer to the complaint in a timely manner. He insisted that paperwork be filed on grounds of adultery, despite knowing he had no proof of such and that his wife had proof of his infidelity within  the marital home. The husband also failed to timely respond to discovery requests until a motion to compel was filed, served and set for hearing; on the eve of the hearing, his lawyer delivered a box of documents in no particular order representing partial compliance with discovery requests.  A settlement conference was set two times; the first time the husband failed to appear and lied about where he was and what he was doing. The second time he appeared but he refused to offer any settlement to his wife, first saying he offered her NOTHING and then when his lawyer said you must offer SOMETHING, he said FIVE DOLLARS, SHE CAN HAVE FIVE DOLLARS. Atty. Perry worked diligently to put the case together for the court; she noted all of the foregoing on the record of the case and set the matter for final hearing. Meanwhile, husband's attorney who was not receiving cooperation from husband, withdrew from the case. After a contested final hearing, Atty. Perry was successful in obtaining a no fault divorce and in obtaining for LW $119,000, representing her share of cash and assets and one half of her attorney's fees to be paid by her husband. When the opposing party failed to comply with the terms of the divorce decree, Atty. Perry filed contempt proceedings and LW's ex-husband was jailed. Through zealous pursuit of all available legal remedies, Atty Perry was able to obtain the cooperation of the opposing party and full recovery of the assets awarded to LW 2009-2012p

WR came to PLG initially seeking help with regard to custody of his son and his wife's request for spousal and child support. After successfully negotiating those issues to resolution, WR returned to PLG for his divorce after the year was up. Vigorous pursuit of WR's interests though a combination of negotiation and trial strategies netted a result with which WR was well pleased. 2010p

MJF came to PLG when his exwife filed for half of his military retired pay and other assets following a foreign divorce. Attorney Perry vigorously defended the action, fiing many motions and authorities. Ex-wife sought to non-suit the action, but thanks to the diligent efforts of Atty. Perry and the authorites she was able to cite to the court, the judge found that MJF's motion for sanctions was not affected by the non-suit. $2,000 in sanctions were awarded to MJF by the court. 2010-mjf/p

KR came to Atty. Perry for help in modifying the visitation order after the mother of his child attempted suicide. Atty. Perry explained to him what she was going to do and how she was going to do it. She then prepared and filed additional paperwork to bring the matter to the court's attention. She asked the court to re-appoint as guardian ad litem the lawyer who had served before and was familiar with the family. Atty. Perry asked the court to restrict visitation, pending full hearing in the case, which request was granted. Despite the mother's objection, the court granted Atty. Perry's requests. Working together, Atty. Perry  and the guardian ad litem were able to subpoena the mother's hospital records showing the attempted suicide. Although the mother is doing much better, Atty. Perry was able to convince the court through testimony of her client, and other witnesses, including the child's therapist that the mother's visitation should continue to be supervised until such time as the mother demonstrated that she was no longer a threat to the safety and well being of the child. KR expressed his satisfaction with the outcome and with the fact that Atty. Perry said what she would do and did what she said she would do.  KR was especially pleased that Virginia Perry took the time to explain the law and court procedures clearly so that he understood what was going on. 5308p

CS came to Atty. Perry to negotiate a divorce settlement. As an active member of the U.S. Army, he was concerned about protecting his military retired pay and insuring that his wife received no more than her fair share. Negotiations were successful and awarded CS credit for his reserve duty, as well as his active duty in calculating his  share of the military retired pay. The settlement also required the wife to pay a portion of the cost of the SBP by reimbursing CS for the cost. CS  returned to Atty. Perry when his ex-wife sought a  military retired pay order, which exceeded the terms of the written settlement agreement. Atty. Perry was able to enforce the terms of the written contract and to insure that the military retired pay order did not grant the ex-wife rights and perks not contemplated in the original agreement and not agreeable to CS. Several years later, CS returned again, after he retired from the Army and found DFAS refusing to honor the plain language of the contract. DFAS was misinterpreting the terms of the order by inserting an additional word into the formula for the ex-wife's share which was not in the order. Atty Perry was able to reopen the case and secure a revised military retired pay order, replacing the original formula with a percentage based upon the formula and CS's retired date. 10105/07/08P

RT came to PLG when she got a letter from her husband's attorney proposing a divorce settlement giving her husband the proverbial mine and giving her the proverbial shaft. RT and her husband were already in a pending chapter 13 bankruptcy case and the settlement proposed by RT's husband's attorney did not consider this. Staying on top of the case and meeting each proposal and objection promptly and vigorously with sound arguments based upon case law and the facts of the case, Atty Perry was able to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement for RT, who also retained PLG to file a quick, easy, affordable, no fault divorce. RT was impressed by the promptness of action taken by Atty Perry and is well pleased with the results. case no 2207P

When RS was served with a complaint by his ex-wife who was seeking spousal support and a share of his military retirement, he came to Perry Law Group for help. The ex-wife had divorced RS six years previously in another state. Attorney Perry used electronic resources to research legal authorities outside of Virginia and aggressively defended the case filing an immediate answer and motion to dismiss and following up with extensive well  researched and written legal  briefs in behalf of the client. RS WON HIS CASE! By means of a thorough and aggressive defense the court ruled in favor of RS dismissing his ex-wife's suit on all counts. RS was able to retain his retired pay and was not required to pay spousal support. case no 23506P.

CS sought Atty. Perry's help in negotiating a divorce settlement. Through aggressive negotiation and insistence on consideration of our client's total years of military service, Atty. Perry was able to preserve approximately 70% of our client's military retired pay. Atty. Perry was also able to protect our client's interests through the divorce with respect to his time with his children, when his wife attempted to limit his ability to see his kids due to his military service. Several years after the divorce, the ex-wife attempted to garner more than her fair share of CS's military retired pay and inserted language in the military retired pay order which had not been included in the property settlement contract, Atty. Perry insisted that the military retired pay order track the language of the property settlement and blocked an effort by the former spouse to grab more than her fair share. More recently, when DFAS misinterpreted the language of the military retired pay order, inserting an additional word not found in the order, Atty. Perry acted quickly to get the case reopened and to modify the military retired pay order to keep DFAS from paying out more than the agreed sum. case no. 0105p.

JC sought Atty. Perry's help in finalizing a divorce filed by her husband which had been pending and unresolved for many years. We discovered that the case had been stricken from the active docket of the court because of lack of activity in the case. Because the case was stricken without notice and hearing and without an order of the court, Atty. Perry was able to reinstate the case without paying the usual reinstatement fee. We were also able to negotiate settlement of all but one issue (division of a retirement account), secure execution of a written agreement, resolving what had been agreed and agreeing to submit to the court the remaining issue. Through aggressive representation and attention to detail, Atty. Perry was successful in getting JC half of the retirement account, a divorce and an award of attorney's fees. case no. 12906P.

SR came to Perry Law Group for help getting her fair share of assets and a way out of her unhappy marriage. By aggressive negotiation, coupled with zealous defense against charges of adultery and fraud, Atty. Perry was able to secure not only half of the marital assets but dismissal of all charges and the client's spouse paid to finalize the divorce action on no fault grounds. case no. 14505P.

TH had a mediated divorce settlement and the court had entered his divorce decree; he was remarried, but was still going through litigation on property issues when he asked Atty. Virginia Perry to assume his representation with respect to the equitable distribution of his pension and 401K with a local company. TH's ex-wife was seeking more than her fair share of retirement benefits under the terms of their mediated agreement. Atty. Perry reviewed the terms of the mediated agreement, the suggested language of the company plan administrator and the proposed language submitted by opposing counsel. By artful pleading and thorough preparation with sound argument, we were able to hold the ex to the terms of the mediated agreement. Atty. Perry also convinced the 401K plan administrator to change their form qualified domestic relations order  to limit the ex's portion of retirement benefits to a portion of what was acquired during their marriage and at the same time protect his new wife's right to share in the survivor benefits. case no. 024302P.

When GA found his divorce stalled for years, while he was stuck with high pendente lite support payments, he came to Atty. Perry for help. Although GA had failed to timely answer to his wife's suit for divorce, Atty. Perry was able to file a late answer and move the case to conclusion, obtaining a division of marital assets and a reduction in support. Unfortunately, we were not able to prove the parental alienation which had been engineered in the case, but we were able to push the divorce through, to resolve the property and support issues between the parties and to enforce our client's right to visitation. case no. 78304P

The following are not divorce cases but are illustrative of our winning trial strategy:

Pastor of a local church came for help when he found he was being sued for tens of thousands of dollars by a contractor over a cost-plus contract for a design/build project which was abandoned for lack of financial backing. Atty. Perry investigated the case, spoke to available witnesses, prepared and served discovery requests to obtain documents from the contractor and subpoenaed documents from the subcontracted engineer on the project. She explained to the pastor what she was going to do and how she would do it. Unable to resolve the case due to the unreasonable demands of the contractor, the case went to trial. Although the expert witness for the defense failed to appear as promised, Atty. Perry was able to mount a strong defense by aggressive cross-examination of witnesses, including the contractor's expert witness, together with presentation of documentation and testimony of other defense witnesses. In the end, Atty. Perry's arguments to the court carried the day. case no. 09-023p

EJ came for assistance in drafting a bill of particulars for a civil action he initiated against a contractor. EJ had spoken to five other lawyers, none of whom gave the advice and assistance that EJ needed to resolve his complaint and dispute with the contractor. EJ had filed a complaint with the BBB and with the appropriate state agency against the contractor, who was sanctioned for violations of the law. Atty. Perry drafted pleadings, created exhibits and organized the case for EJ. Ultimately, as a result of the aggressive advocacy and negotiation by Atty. Virginia Perry, the case settled and EJ received compensation for his damages. case no 25906P

MH suffered the death of her husband in a work related highway accident. First, we obtained for her and her teenaged daughter an appropriate award of worker's compensation for his death. Then we filed suit for wrongful death and the jury awarded over 1.3 million dollars to her and her daughter for their loss. case no. 12501B This case was listed in "Largest Verdicts of 2002" by Virginia Lawyer's Weekly.

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