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We are pleased to offer answers to frequently asked questions on divorce, separationcustody, support, adoption, annulment and pre-nups.  These answers are based upon Virginia law.  You should consult an attorney for answers to your questions about family law; only an attorney can advise you regarding your situation. This website is intended to give general information only and it is not intended to give legal advice. Click on the underlined word or use the button to the left for the frequently asked questions of interest to you.

As part of our outreach to educate and inform people about their rights, duties and responsibilities under the law, Attorney Virginia Dante Perry has written numerous brochures and pamphlets on legal subjects. We are in the process of reviewing and revising those publications for e-publication through this website. Check back, as we plan to offer additional publications through this site. Our goal is to maintain the most educational and informative site on family law in tri-cities.

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